Objective Personality Test

Welcome to the unofficial Objective Personality self-test!

This is a free personality test created by Vegan Lroy which is based on Dave and Shan Powers' typology system named the Objective Personality System (OPS). OPS uses modifications of the classical Jungian Cognitive Functions to type people on a spectrum of 512 personality types.

While similarities can be seen when comparing OPS to the well-known Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and more obscure systems which are also based on Jung's work, such as Socionics and its derivatives, the OPS provides a very precise model of human cognition. This is because it has taken some conceptual inspiration from scientific standards not based on Jung's work like the Five Factor Model (BigFive), which characterises the human psyche on five main spectrums of traits, rather than typing people into vague, limiting "boxes" (the 16 types in MBTI and Socionics).

Additionally, the OPS has achieved a milestone not yet achievable by other typing systems based on Jung's work. This is that types in OPS can be verifiably consistent through a double-blind test (or multiple of them on the same test subject.)

NOTE: This test returns your potential "savior" functions, lead animal, and function stack, ONLY, based on answers to four questions (i.e. this test only covers 32 general types out of the more precise 512.)

As such, the results of this test should not be used in place of an official OPS typing.

If you want to find out more about OPS, make sure to check out their
YouTube Channel and their main website.